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come with me to a land of fantasy

take my hand, come into techno wonderland

a purple little little lady
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i'm cassie. i'm 19. i have an obsession with rainbows. i love to read, though i don't do it as often as i used to. i obsessively watch movies and listen to music. i am generally pretty happy-go-lucky. also, i'm relatively lazy. i'm chubby and i like it that way. i am currently attending the Art Institute of York to become an interior designer. i like to paint, but only when the inspiration comes. i spend as much time as i can with my boyfriend. he is amazing; he makes me feel warm and fuzzy and also squishy, and i love him more than anything. my friends are pretty amazing too. i love them all and wish i got to see them more. i tend to do things on a whim, like drive to Sheetz at midnight to get Jones cream soda. i procrastinate. i don't do drugs, or drink. i'm not afraid of snakes or spiders. i won't kill bugs because i'm afraid it will hurt my karma. i swear like a sailor. i burp all the time. i'm not girly but i like to dress up sometimes. i wear lots of bracelets. i want several tattoos. i play video games. i don't judge people. i dye my hair unnatural colors. i'm a democrat. i'm not fond of organized religion. i believe in love and music. i try to find beauty in the small things that people don't always appreciate. on the other hand, i'm also a cynical, sarcastic bastard. generally i'm friendly, though, so if you're up for conversation or a new friend, feel free to add me or IM me.